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Gold Mass, Reception, Dinner, and Lecture on Nov 19 in Madison, WI.

November 19, 2023 at 5:30 pm

There will be a Gold Mass at 3:00pm on Sunday, Nov 19, in Blessed Sacrament Church in Madison Wisconsin (2116 Hollister Ave., Madison, WI). Afterwards, in the Friary, there will be a social at 4:00pm, an early dinner at 4:30pm, and finally a lecture at 5:30pm.  The lecture, entitled “The Human Simulacrum – The Good, Bad, and Ugly of AI”, will be given by Prof. Tim Carone of the Univ. of Wisconsin – Whitewater.

Abstract of the lecture: Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a rich simulation of human cognition. This talk examines the implications of these technologies on society, faith, and our ethical compass. What is good about AI?  AI showcases human innovation and creativity. Mirroring human thought, these systems illuminate the intricacies of our creation, drawing parallels with divine artistry.  What is bad about AI? The unchecked advance of AI risks pushing society towards a latent totalitarianism. Its omnipresence and surveillance potentials may encroach upon our cherished freedoms, challenging our moral convictions.  What is the Ugly? The spread of AI threatens societal bifurcation. It may amplify biases and, worryingly, amplify the existing rise in humanist atheist policies, overshadowing faith’s guiding light.  This talk delves into AI’s interplay with society and spirituality, underscoring the distinction between simulating cognition and embodying divine consciousness and faith.  We must remember, while AI can simulate the wonders of human cognition, the divine spark of consciousness, morality, and faith can never be replicated by lines of code.


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