Videos of SCS 2021 Conference Now on Youtube!

The videos of the talks at the 2021 Conference of SCS are now viewable on youtube.

The bios of the speakers can be found HERE.

Here are the links to the individual talks:

“Scientific Innovation and Franciscan Spirituality in the Middle Ages”,  Lawrence M. Principe (Johns Hopkins Univ.) LINK

“Earthquakes, their Consequences, and the Jesuit Pioneers of Seismology”, Natasha Toghramadjian (Harvard Univ.)  LINK           

“Extraterrestrial Life and Catholic Theology”, Christopher T. Baglow (Univ. of Notre Dame)  LINK              

“The Scientific Search for Life beyond Earth: from Mars to the Galaxy”, Jonathan I. Lunine (Cornell Univ.)  LINK 

“The Likelihood of Extraterrestrial Life”, Karin I. Öberg  (Harvard Univ.)  LINK      

“Forming the Molecular Building-blocks of Life on Icy Cosmic Dust.”, Christopher Shingledecker (Benedictine College) LINK 

“The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: an Overview”, Timothy Dolch (Hillsdale College) LINK       

“The Evolution of Humans is Inevitable; so where are the extraterrestrials?”,  Simon Conway Morris, FRS (Univ. of Cambridge)  LINK   

 “Artifact, Actuality, and Apparent Persons: On Humane Living with Near-Future Social AI”, Jordan Wales (Hillsdale College)  LINK

“Deep Learning, Purpose, and Entropy”, Timothy Anderson (Catholic University of America)  LINK

"Is Artificial Intelligence Compatible with Evolution?", Fr. Javier Sánchez-Cañizares (Univ. de Navarra)  LINK 

“Understanding Evolution with St. Thomas Aquinas”, Sr. Stephen Patrick Joly, O.P., Ph.D. LINK