Recent Books by SCS Members

Recent books by SCS members


Maureen L. Condic’s book “Untangling Twinning: what science tells us about human embryos” was published by University of Notre Dame Press in February. Maureen Condic is winner of SCS's 2019 St. Albert Award and recently joined the SCS Board.


SCS Scholar Associate Kenneth W. Kemp’s book “The War that Never Was:  Evolution and Christian Theology” was published by Cascade Books in May.   Stephen M. Barr reviewed this book  in the August 2020 issue of First Things.


SCS Scholar Associate Gerard Verschuuren's book "How Science Points to God" was published by Sophia Institute Press in July. 


SCS member Chih-Pei Chang is editor of the book The Multiscale Global Monsoon System,” which will be published by World Scientific Press in October 2020.  The World Meteorological Organization invited over 60 leading atmospheric scientists to review the current knowledge of extreme weather and climate change in the world’s monsoon regions, which include 40% of the earth’s surface and two-thirds of the world population.