Five Exciting New Things from SCS this Fall!

Five Exciting New Things from SCS this Fall!

1.. The SCS website will have a new feature soon called “Common Questions.”  It will have about twenty frequently-asked questions about the Catholic faith and science, with short, readable, answers averaging about 500 words, as well as recommended resources for further reading or viewing.

2..  About twenty “College Chapters” of SCS will be opening on campuses this Fall.  More details will be announced as they start.  Also, some Regional Chapters of SCS are being planned in Europe.

3..  SCS is developing a “Speakers Program” to provide speakers for college campuses and for Catholic schools and organizations.  Details will be announced here when the program is launched.

4.. A full set of eight Articles for the SCS website has been lined up for the months of September-December, and February-May.

5.. SCS is planning to have more Zoom Lectures by distinguished scholars, similar to the one by Simon Conway Morris this June.  These will be announced on the SCS website and by email to members and to the SCS mailing list.