Announcing weeklong summer seminars on science and the Catholic faith. (Deadline May 12).

The Lumen Christi Institute is hosting two weeklong seminars this summer, one for graduate students (and junior faculty) and one for undergraduates, both titled "Modern Science and the Catholic Faith." The goal of these seminars is to provide students with the background knowledge and conceptual tools necessary to understand and think clearly about the relation of science and faith. The seminars will consist of a combination of lectures and group discussions. Lumen Christi is now accepting applications for both seminars.  The deadline to apply is May 12, though, if there is space, applications after that may be considered   Non-Catholic students are welcome to apply.  Meals and lodging will be provided as well as a generous travel subsidy. 

The graduate seminar is June 30-July 6 at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island. Information about it including how to apply is here <>. 

The undergraduate seminar is July 28-Aug 3, at St. Joseph Seminary College, in St. Benedict, Louisiana.  Information about it including how to apply is here <>.

All questions about the seminars may be directed to Michael Le Chevallier, Assistant Director of the Lumen Christi Institute at