2018 SCS Conference

Jun 810, 2018
The Pryzbyla University Center
Catholic University of America


Our second conference --- "The Human MInd and Physicalism" --- ran from June 8-10, 2018, in Washington, DC, at the Cathollic University of America


Physicalism (also called scientific materialism) is the reductive claim that all of reality, including the human mind, is physical. The conference brought together scholars in many fields (philosophy, physics, neuroscience, and computer science/mathematical logic) to examine this claim critically. There were also talks on other topics, including the life of Bl. Nicolaus Steno. The St. Albert Award Lecture was given by Juan Martin Maldacena of the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton) on the subject of "Black Holes and the Structure of Spacetime."

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2018 St. Albert Award:  

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