2020 SCS Conference

Jun 57, 2020


The 4th annual conference of the Society of Catholic Scientists will be held on June 5-7, 2020 at Providence College, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.  Providence, RI, has an airport and is also only one hour by car from Boston, Massachusetts, and Boston’s Logan International Airport.

The title of the conference is “Aliens, Angels, and AI.”  ‘Aliens’ refers to extraterrestrial life, including intelligent extraterrestrial life. Several speakers will be discussing the possibility of extraterrestrial life from the standpoint of astrophysics, chemistry and evolutionary biology, as well as from the standpoint of Catholic theology.  The confirmed invited speakers so far are Professors Simon Conway Morris of the University of Cambridge, Jonathan Lunine of Cornell University, Karin Öberg of Harvard University, Christopher T. Baglow of the University of Notre Dame, Lawrence Principe of Johns Hopkins University, and Jennifer Wiseman of NASA.

AI refers, of course, to Artificial Intelligence, which is another theme of the conference.  So “Aliens, Angels, and AI” are three non-human kinds of intelligence that either do or hypothetically exist.

As in the previous SCS conferences, there will be six invited talks and six contributed talks selected from submitted abstracts. There will also be two poster sessions.   Posters can be (a) on one the conference themes, (b) on other topics related to science and faith, or (c)  on the presenter’s own specialized technical research. These three types of posters will be displayed in distinct display areas of each poster sessions. We will start accepting abstracts starting Feb 1 until March 31 .

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.